Saturday, August 22, 2009

On the Record, Not too QT, and Available to Anyone

A article from Richard Mitchell about how much of your private/personal information can be found on the web. It will scare the shit out of you, which will promptly be available online. In this 6 page article he sums up the places and information he found on himself (read the Dossier), using both free and paid searches (only $14.95).

Source: Government records
Full legal name, address, Social Security number, spouse's name and Social Security number, price paid for home, mortgage documents, signature
Source: Free people searches
Employer name, job title, age, month and date of birth, phone numbers, wife's name and age, historical addresses and phone numbers, personal e-mail address, identifying photographs, employment history
Source: Search engines
Age, phone numbers, Computerworld affiliation, Computerworld stories, blog posts, identifying photos, social network and nonprofit affiliations, editorial award
Source: Social network search engines, image searches
Computerworld stories, blog posts, social network friends and co-workers, flickr photos
Source: Paid searches
Address history to 1985; real estate purchase dates, assessed values and mortgagors; 2004 property tax bill; nonprofit affiliations; Flickr account details; published stories; parents' names, address, phone number and first five digits of Social Security numbers; current and past neighbors' names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and first six digits of Social Security numbers

Some more to read in the article:
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Zero Won said...

DAMN! Here's the exact same thing I just deleted, only I added the link to the other post:

This is me commenting on my own shit. If you can find some info on me post it here; I can always edit/delete your post... I think...

Don't do it if you know who I am, only if you happened to stumble onto this shit and read this post. Then read the 'Conspireality' post above, from Oct.09

Apparently I can delete it but t shows that I deleted. Somewhere in cyberspace is my deleted post, waiting to be found; and used against me.