Saturday, August 22, 2009

On the Record, Not too QT, and Available to Anyone

A article from Richard Mitchell about how much of your private/personal information can be found on the web. It will scare the shit out of you, which will promptly be available online. In this 6 page article he sums up the places and information he found on himself (read the Dossier), using both free and paid searches (only $14.95).

Source: Government records
Full legal name, address, Social Security number, spouse's name and Social Security number, price paid for home, mortgage documents, signature
Source: Free people searches
Employer name, job title, age, month and date of birth, phone numbers, wife's name and age, historical addresses and phone numbers, personal e-mail address, identifying photographs, employment history
Source: Search engines
Age, phone numbers, Computerworld affiliation, Computerworld stories, blog posts, identifying photos, social network and nonprofit affiliations, editorial award
Source: Social network search engines, image searches
Computerworld stories, blog posts, social network friends and co-workers, flickr photos
Source: Paid searches
Address history to 1985; real estate purchase dates, assessed values and mortgagors; 2004 property tax bill; nonprofit affiliations; Flickr account details; published stories; parents' names, address, phone number and first five digits of Social Security numbers; current and past neighbors' names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and first six digits of Social Security numbers

Some more to read in the article:
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Off the Record, On the QT & Very Hush-Hush

Search for yourself about this story of the detention in Italy of two Japanese nationals found by border authorities crossing into Switzerland carrying a suitcase with $134 BILLION worth of US bearer bonds in a false bottom.

Even though it happened in June, and there's over 85,000 results, most of the stories are all from June. Most raise questions and compare it to movies and novels, hence the LA Confidential reference; but none follow up and there is no other information after the initial 'facts' are presented.

So Who knows what's up... I don't think anyone cares because it is not on the [HD]TV or the newspaper/blogs/tweets/shit. Speaking of not caring: why won't anyone read or respond to this blog and buy my tees at It's OK, i just use this as site for bookmarks i can access from any computer, and it's like spewing to a shrink for free - with significantly less post-purchase-dissonance.

Whole Foods Boycott - Get Real, Assholes

I wrote this at the website because some are snubbing Wholesale Foods for it's CEO John Mackey saying that Gov.t should have no role in health care because it's not in the Constitution. He's right, they're retarded - read on:

I don't know exactly what he said, but I'm with John Mackey in that there's nothing in the Constitution about health care. Gov.t should NOT have any role in providing health care to all, maybe children, but not over 18 or under 65 (debatable - I feel suicide, Dr. Kevorkian, etc. should all be options).

Government's Role should be to clamp down on Insurance companies and ensure Big Pharmaceutical or other Companies can't monopolize the industry. The plan Obama has takes away the Gov.ts buying power, allowing Pharmaceuticals Companies to set any price they want and we HAVE to pay that - it's fucking retarded (abort retarded babies if you want to, or don't, or donate the embryo - we have the technology - but DO NOT use taxpayer money to support that child if the parents want it, unless we have universal child health care).

Gov.t and the FDA should not support the mass production and hazardous foods like the DNA altering, formaldehyde producing, Don Rumsfeld endorsed, CIA biochemically developed (as a poison) Aspartame sugar that comes in not only the packets, but in many individually wrapped, single serving, and microwaveable foods we are cramming down our throats because there is NO alternative EXCEPT Whole Foods.

Those that were Whole Foods Shoppers and now boycott them are Jack-Offs, eating the propaganda and not the healthy real shit that WF offers. You don't like the opinion of the CEO so you're not going to eat the good stuff anymore? Marijuana is a much better, natural relief from anything that Big Pharmaceutical's 1000's of Drugs/Pills supposedly fix (and the 100's of side effect each one comes with), and there's never been a death from using it in over 6,000 years. Hemp can be used for more shit that anything else in the world, like paper, clothing, oils, vitamins, plastics, rope, etc. Rich companies that use trees and petroleum and cotton instead of hemp won't get the demand prices they want because hemp would be so cheap.

Gov.t now is supporting Big Business, not the people so fuck them - we don't need them, organize your own militia (you're supposed to be able to, and get guns too, tons of 'em if you want). Unless Gov.t can do what it's supposed to it shouldn't control anything.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'll Get to This Later

Angziety Disorder Treatment Medications - Why bother with all this shit? Pot does the same thing as all of these. Side effects include appetite, euphoria, laziness.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Poisoning the People: Big Busiess for the FDA

Look at the links in this article between former prosecutors turned attorney for the defendant companies. Poisons are being put in our food and drinks and the FDA thinks it's alright. So many in power are responsible for pushing these poisons to the people to retard them, and reduce the population. Don't eat anything you don't grow yourself. Eat beans instead of meat and learn to make your own bread. Raise chickens, rabbits, goats can recycle all your garbage and fertilize your garden. Stop drinking Soda - it's $3 fucking dollars a 2-liter now anyway.

Read this article found at a Natural Health Website.