Thursday, August 20, 2009

Off the Record, On the QT & Very Hush-Hush

Search for yourself about this story of the detention in Italy of two Japanese nationals found by border authorities crossing into Switzerland carrying a suitcase with $134 BILLION worth of US bearer bonds in a false bottom.

Even though it happened in June, and there's over 85,000 results, most of the stories are all from June. Most raise questions and compare it to movies and novels, hence the LA Confidential reference; but none follow up and there is no other information after the initial 'facts' are presented.

So Who knows what's up... I don't think anyone cares because it is not on the [HD]TV or the newspaper/blogs/tweets/shit. Speaking of not caring: why won't anyone read or respond to this blog and buy my tees at It's OK, i just use this as site for bookmarks i can access from any computer, and it's like spewing to a shrink for free - with significantly less post-purchase-dissonance.

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