Sunday, July 26, 2009

Like I've Been Saying. . . .

I am not a pessimist just because reality shows me that everything is bullshit. I used to say that people were getting it wrong and that there's not a circle of life but a spiral, and it's a downward spiral. Then I stumbled this (Native American) Indian Prophecies page and read this excerpt (from the bottom in the 'conclusion'):

"Native traditions are rooted in magic, myth and metaphor; Western traditions, in science, history and fact. For the first time in human history both are accessible. In a very real sense these differing world views are like the two hemispheres of the brain: the intuitive right and the reasoning left. The synergistic potential of incorporating native and Western thought is an exciting and difficult prospect. But in a world that is long on problems and short on alternatives, this notion should be considered.

For example, take the concept of time. As mentioned earlier, the native view is circular, the Western is linear. In fact, Western linear time actually stands on end, the past is at the bottom, the new and improved present in at the top. That's called progress. Now, when you combine the two concepts the result is a spiral. It is a different image retaining the qualities of both, but its implications are deeper and richer."

Like I've Been Saying... it's a downward spiral, right now, but if you read the page, there's ways we can make it an upward spiral. Whether an inward or outward spiral is better is still up for debate.

We all just need to smoke (like the natives) and SHARE IT, sharing is the most important part. If you're too individual then you've got no one to share with. Rant: The government is trying to break up the family by legally defining it, they want us to be individuals so we have no group and it's easier to "get" us.

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