Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First Post

I suppose this is a place to rant and rave (while following the Terms of Service) about what is bothering me (and everything does). I'll figure it out as i go along.

First off, does anyone know why all my mac programs stopped working ? iCal, iPhoto, calculator, email... anything that comes on the mac has stopped loading, the black arrow appears and the program can be alt+tabbed to, but there is no menu for it and no windows. You can force quit the program, but not use it, and calculator just spins the hard drive as fast as it can while showing that it's not responding.

Second, what the front-door is the ARMY doing calling my house non-stop saying "it's important that you call me back ASAP" and then harassing me at home by ringing my bell to try and convince me to die for lies. Someone tell Mr. Bush i am not with him. I guess seeing that i still have student loans unpaid that they thought i was poor enough to target. Well i am poor enough seeing how the thieves at the almighty IRS want my hard earned money and are charging me to pay it to them. Not only that but the payment plan i bought charges more in interest and penalties each month than i actually send in. Slave for life, unless i win the Lottery. I can't gamble cuz then the Gov.'t couldn't get it's cut. Anyway, these recruiters said they we checking with WCSU alumni for joining up. My cousin had no student loans, no calls, no knocking on the door. Don't they know that the prez only made public schools stupider, in college they tell you what books to read and charge you $450 to have someone ask you questions about them for a few months. I was an Art major so I learned how to cut paper and glue it in college, it was like kindergarten but without the nap time. I also had to take a shit ton of courses that had nothing to do with art, and were not transferable between CCSU and WCSU. Even though it's all one big state institution, one school didn't like the way the other school taught the courses. One school taught you how to do the work and the other taught you how to bullshit about blah blah and the teachers only advise is "push it further." Push him off a cliff.
I have to stop, i don't make sense. i didn't collect my thoughts. i never do, they'll use it against me. Newspeak is here, the thought police are watching.


Vered - MomGrind said...

So, this is a brand new blog.

Good luck. Have fun! :)

Zero Won said...

yes. thank you.